Welcome to San Pancho project blog!

San Pancho project is a student-driven project focusing on sustainable tourism development in San Pancho, Mexico. The project belongs to Aalto Lab Mexico, a program affiliated with Aalto’s Sustainable Global Technologies course and our main partner in Mexico is Design Your Action organization – DYA whose mission is “to promote social prosperity together with better life quality through sustainability and inclusive and participative design”

With this blog, we hope to communicate our stories and thoughts along the way to you all – who are interested in what we are doing. As one of the goals for us while doing this project is to learn through hands-on experiences, we encourage and welcome any feedback, comment, support and guidance from you all.

Thank you for visiting our page and together, we can make the world a better place!

-San Pancho Project team-

“quote” from DYA website http://dyalogo.org/?page_id=441